Within the Session of the Committee of Plenipotentiaries of the Governments of the JINR Member States, presentation of the new supercomputer named after Nikolai Nikolaevich Govorun who actively participated in the development of information technologies in JINR, will be held in March 27.

“Govorun” Supercomputer is a project developed by the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics and Laboratory of Information Technologies, and it is supported by the JINR directorate.

This project is aimed at sufficient acceleration of complex theoretical and experimental researches in the field of nuclear physics and condensed matter physics held at JINR including NICA project.

Supercomputer is based on the development of the heterogeneous platform of HybriLIT, and this will lead to increase of CPU and GPU performance. Updated computing cluster will allow carry out resource intensive and parallel computations in lattice QCD for research on the properties of hadron matter at high baryon density, high temperature and in the presence of strong electromagnetic fields, positively increase the efficiency of modeling the dynamics of relativistic heavy ion collisions, development and adaptation of software for the NICA mega-project on the new computing architectures of the major HPC market leaders – Intel and NVIDIA, to create an HPC-based hardware and software environment, to prepare IT specialists in all the required directions.

Expansion of the CPU-component is carried out by means of the specialized HPC-based engineering infrastructure based on liquid cooling technologies implemented by Russian company “RSC Group. RSC emerged as the Russia and CIS leading developer and full-cycle system integrator of new generation supercomputing solutions based on Intel architectures, innovative liquid-cooling technology and its own know-how. Expansion of the GPU-component is carried out on the basis of the latest-generation computation servers with NVIDIA Volta GPUs. Equipment procurement and pre-commissioning activities are carried out by IBS Platformix.

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