Second «Python in HEP» workshop organised by the HEP Software Foundation (HSF)

Dear colleague,

We are pleased to announce the second «Python in HEP» workshop organised by the HEP Software Foundation (HSF). The PyHEP, «Python in HEP», workshops aim to provide an environment to discuss and promote the usage of Python in the HEP community at large.
PyHEP 2019 will be held in Abingdon, near Oxford, United Kingdom, from 16-18 October 2019.

The workshop will be a forum for the participants and the community at large to discuss developments of Python packages and tools, exchange experiences, and steer where the community needs and wants to go. There will be ample time for discussion.

The agenda will be composed of plenary sessions, a highlight of which is the following:
1) A keynote presentation from the Data Science domain.
2) A topical session on histogramming including a talk and a hands-on tutorial.
3) Lightning talks from participants.
4) Presentations following up from topics discussed at PyHEP 2018.

We encourage community members to propose presentations on any topic (email: We are particularly interested in new(-ish) packages of broad relevance.

The agenda will be made available on the workshop indico page ( in due time. It is also linked from the PyHEP WG homepage

You are encouraged to register to the PyHEP WG Gitter channel ( and/or to the HSF forum (!forum/hsf-forum) to receive further information concerning the organisation of the workshop.