Govorun History

Nikolai Nikolaevich Govorun
( 1930 – 1989 yy.)

N.N Govorun, corresponding member of AS (1972), professor (1971), Dr. Sci. in Physics and Mathematics (1969). He was a specialist in the field of computational mathematics and informatics, automation of physical experiments, system and applied programming, appliance of ECM in scientific research, software and multimachine configuration, primary initiator of developing local information and computing network at JINR.

1953 – graduated from the Moscow State University Physics Department,
1953-1955 yy. – development engineer of the transportation engineering factory at Kharkov,
1955-1958 yy. – Ph.D. student of the Moscow State University,
1958-1961 yy. – research fellow of the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of JINR,
1961-1963 yy. – team leader in LTP JINR,
1963-1966 yy. – head of mathematical department of the computation center of JINR,
1966-1988 yy. – deputy director of the LCTA on scientific activity, and head of the department of mathematical processing of experimental data,
1988-1989 yy.- director of the Laboratory of computational technologies and automation of JINR.


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