– The resources of the heterogeneous computing cluster HybriLIT are meant for carrying out special projects that require the use of supercomputer systems with teraflops performance rate.
– The use of computing resources of HybryLIT are carried out remotely only.
– The use of provided resources should be carried out only within the projects specified in the registration.

  • The user confirms the processing of personal data that they provided in the process of registration. Processing of personal data of users is carriedout in order to inform users about important events and receive statistical information.
  • In case of changing some registration data, the user is obliged to promptly give notice to the administrator (the change of contact data, place of work, requirement resources, etc.).
  • User provide data backup by themselves.
  • During a month until the deadline of using resources of HybriLIT, the user is obliged to provide an annual report on work on the cluster.
  • In order to prolong the available period of using the resources of HybriLIT, once a year users are required to carry out the procedure of re-registration. The terms on the period are sent via e-mail.
  • The users are forbidden to share their account data.

To students of Dubna University

  • It is required to read the document “Rules for access and use of the resources of the HybriLIT heterogeneous computing platform” and get a signature from the teacher (sample letter).

The administration team of the heterogeneous computing cluster HybriLIT retains the right to make changes of rules even without user notification. Important changes of the rules are posted at or shared via e-mail. In case of disagreement with the changes of the rules, users should inform the administration team via the support system at and stop the use of computing resources.

Violation of the rules may lead to the account deactivation and deprivation of rights in using of the resources of the heterogeneous computing cluster HybriLIT.


Reporting scheduled maintenance will be two days before it takes place. Note that during scheduled maintenance, all nodes are rebooted: partition for running tasks will be cleaned upp and all launched tasks will be stopped. All data in home directories and in file systems (nfs, eos) is preserved.

In case users need more time to terminate computations of already launched tasks, maintenance can be defered to a later date upon their request via HybriLIT User Support project at (