– Service for shared use of software packages.
HLIT-VDI service has been developed for carrying out scientific and engineering computations using applied and mathematical packages that provide to:

  • use applied packages in virtual machines (VM);
  • carry out computations using GUI of installed software packages;
  • carry out computation using resources of the virtual machine;
  • send tasks to the cluster partitions to carry out computations using the resources of the cluster;
  • save data between sessions.

JINR Progect Managment Servise

User Support. Help, questions and answers, feedback, suggestions.


HybriLIT group holds regular training courses and seminars on parallel programming techniques and the use of services provided by users for work. Through such events, more users are actively developing their projects on the basis of the cluster, as well as keep in touch with members of the group HybriLIT.
All courses and activities are announced on the site Indico.


The service is build on GitLab Community Edition platform which integrates variety of modern tools to facilitate software development process:

  • issue tracking;
  • Git version control system;
  • Code Review;
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment tools.

In the simplest case the service can be used for hosting personal Git repositories, but also for organizing collaborative software development process.