HybriLIT group holds regular training courses and seminars on parallel programming techniques and the use of services provided by users for work. Through such events, more users are actively developing their projects on the basis of the cluster, as well as keep in touch with members of the group HybriLIT.

The following lectures and workshops are held among the basic activities:

Lecture and Practical training topics:

  • OpenMP parallel programming technology;
  • MPI parallel programming technology;
  • CUDA parallel programming technology;
  • OpenCL parallel programming technology;
  • Hybrid OpenMP and CUDA parallel programming on multiple GPU computation systems;
  • OpenMP Programming on Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors.

All courses and activities are announced in the “Tutorials and Seminars” and the news on the site Indico.
Videos about hot to work on the HybriLIT platform can be found on the “Tutorial Videos” page.

Should you wish to participate in tutorials on the above mentioned technologies, please contact us via: