Heterogeneous platform "HybriLIT"

Heterogeneous platform "HybriLIT"

Суперкомпьютер «Говорун» / учебно-тестовый полигон «HybriLIT»



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Heterogeneous platform “HybriLIT”

“HybriLIT” Heterogeneous Platform is a part of the Multifunctional information and computing complex (MICC) of the Laboratory of Information Technologies of JINR. Heterogeneous platform consists of “Govorun” supercomputer and “HybriLIT” education and testing polygon.

“Govorun” Supercomputer is a two-component system that includes CPU-component based on the newest Intel architectures (Intel Xeon Phi and Intel Skylake processors), and GPU-component based on NVIDIA DGX-1 Volta.

Education and testing polygon is based on heterogeneous structure of computation nodes and allows developing parallel applications for carrying out computation using various computing architectures such as multicore CPUs, Intel Xeon Pho co-processors, and NVIDIA (Tesla K20, K40, K80) GPUs. It also provides a possibility to hold tutorials in parallel programming technologies that help students to learn new computing architectures.

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