MobiLIT – New Service Out!

MobiLIT – New Service Out!

Dear users,

A new mobile application “MobiLIT” (developed by Alexei I. Streltsov with support from HybriLIT team) for information support of computations on the basis of the cluster is out!
It allows owners of Android devices do the following:

– monitoring of user’s jobs;
– quick view of user’s files (*.out, *.dat, *.in or *.sh);
– monitor the expected computation time;
– possess full information on jobs launched on the cluster, the resources they require, etc.
– monitor idle resources on partitions/computational nodes.

Please see more detailed information at:

Please note that the application is in a beta stage of development – please let us know about your preferences, suggestions and possible bugs in #3821

Thank you,
HybriLIT team