Modeling of Intrinsic Josephson Junctions in High Temperature Superconductors under External Radiation in the Breakpoint Region

Yu.M. Shukrinov1,2, I.R. Rahmonov1,3, A. Plecenik4, O.I. Streltsova5, M.I. Zuev5, G.A. Ososkov5

1. The Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, JINR, Dubna, Russia
2. Dubna International University for Nature, Society and Man, Dubna, Russia
3. S.U. Umarov Physical-Technical Institute, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
4. Department of Experimental Physics, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia
5. The Laboratory of Information Technologies, JINR, Dubna, Russia

The current-voltage (IV) characteristics of the intrinsic Josephson junctions in high temperature superconductors under external electromagnetic radiation are calculated numerically in the parametric resonance region. We discuss a numerical method for calculation of the Shapiro step width on the amplitude of radiation. In order to accelerate computations we used parallelization by task parameter via Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management (SLURM) arrays and tested it in the case of a single junction. An analysis of the junction transitions between rotating and oscillating states in the branching region of IV-characteristics is presented.
This work is supported by the RFBR grant 15-29-01217 and a 2015 grant of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the Slovak Government at JINR.
Yu.M. Shukrinov and I.R. Rahmonov thank M. Maiti, S. Dubnicka, M. Hnatic and J. Busa for discussions and support of this work.
The parallel calculations were performed on a heterogeneous computing cluster HybriLIT (LIT JINR).

Figure shows the results of computations carried out on the cluster HybriLIT. In the case of number of tasks Njob=201, three computational nodes with 12-core Intel E5-2695v2 processors were used in computations. We obtained the computation acceleration 122.8 using parallelization with SLURM.

Yu.M. Shukrinov, I.R. Rahmonov, A. Plecenik, O.I. Streltsova, M.I. Zuev, and G.A. Ososkov. Modeling of Intrinsic Josephson Junctions in High Temperature Superconductors Under External Radiation in the Breakpoint Region. EPJ Web of Conferences. Vol. 108 (2016). (Accepted for publication)