Seminar dedicated to  the 90th anniversary of N.N. Govorun

Seminar dedicated to the 90th anniversary of N.N. Govorun

Dear colleagues,

16 September 2020 at 11:00

we would like to invite you to take part in a seminar dedicated to
the 90th anniversary of N.N. Govorun. It will take place in person (by invitation) and online (via video conferencing).

Govorun NNSupercomputer

Preliminary program of the seminar:

11.00 Memorial seminar

  • Welcome speeches by the Directorate of LIT and JINR
  • Guest speeches

13.30 Break

15.00 Scientific seminar

  • “Govorun” supercomputer for JINR tasks
    D.V. Podgainy (LIT)
  • Lattice QCD simulation on the “Govorun” supercomputer
    V.V. Braguta (LTP, NRC «Kurchatov Institute» – ITEP)
  • Computing for the MPD experiment
    O.V. Rogachevsky (VBLHEP)
  • Neural network approach for the tasks of high energy physics
    G.A. Ososkov (LIT)
  • Machine and deep learning algorithms for the tasks of radiation biology
    A.V. Stadnik (LIT)
  • Organizing work with Big Data on the “Govorun” supercomputer
    A.A. Moskovsky (RSC Technologies)
  • Platform for stream and batch processing of Big Data on the example of network traffic analysis
    I.S. Kadochnikov (LIT)
  • Overview of methods for intellectual processing of texts in socio-economic applications
    S.D. Belov (LIT)
  • On the way from virtual computing to virtual data processing
    A.B. Degtyarev (SPbU)


More information on the seminar and the link to connect via Webex are available at Indico: